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Hey folks, I’m opening up pixel art commissions!  Here are the different styles I’m offering:

$5 USD TAMAGOTCHI SPRITES: An animated tamagotchi-style (so: simple!) sprite of a character of your choice!  You can specify what design elements of your character you’d like to see tamagotchi-fied or I can do my own interpretation, but remember, there’s not much room for detail in these!

$15 USD RETRO POKEMON STYLE-SPRITES: Limited-palette, but fully detailed sprites in the style of Pokemon R/B/Y!

$20 USD FULL COLOR STATIC SPRITES: Large (about 100x50 at actual size) full color and detailed character sprites!

$30-40 USD ANIMATED FULL COLOR SPRITES: Prices negotiable based on complexity and length of desired animation (for example, a short, 3-frame blinking or jumping cycle would be $30, whereas a longer, more complex walk cycle or movement will be more expensive)

Characters of all types (humans, mechs, animals, furries, etc.) are acceptable, just remember that the nature of sprites means a limited amount of detail!  If you’re interested, please contact me/send references via email at, and payments via Paypal to

Thanks so much for your time!

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